Thank you for checking out Becker Evangelical Free Church! There are several good churches in the area and each of them has their own unique flavor. If you haven’t noticed by now, you’ll quickly learn a few things about us.

  • We are a young church with lots of kids and students! We love our kiddos and invest in helping them follow Jesus.
  • We are very casual. Most people wear jeans or whatever they are comfortable in. In the fall, you’ll see plenty of Vikings jerseys! We want you to be yourself.
  • We meet in a school for Sunday School (9:00) and for our Worship Service (10:00). We also use school space for ministries to kids and students on Wednesday nights.
  • We have a short history. The church began in 1995. Being young, we don’t own a huge building. That being said, we don’t carry much baggage either. We enjoy trying new things and striving for healthy relationships.
  • We love the gospel. Jesus came to reunite us to God and each other so that we can help lost people experience the same reconciliation we get to enjoy every day.

Feel free to visit any time. We know you need some time to check things out but we encourage you to find ways to make friends too. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Fill out your Connection Card (for online form, please click HERE). Initiate that contact so we can welcome you to our church. We can also add you to our weekly email. This will help you see what we up to at BEFC and give you a chance to find ways to connect.
  • Stay for a Newcomer Lunch. About once a quarter we have a lunch for everyone who started coming in the past 6 months. (That’s right… you can come twice!) The Pastors and a few others will eat with you so we can get to know each other.
  • Sign up for a small group. We push for that each September and January but you can sign up any time. Our groups are very relaxed places where you can get to know people better. Groups typically pray, encourage, study God’s Word, and serve together.
  • Get your kids involved. FUN is important to kids so it’s important to us! Our ministries are designed to connect with kids and help them learn to follow Jesus. Go to church. Just being consistent will help you feel part of any new church.