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New to Jesus

Many of the people who attend Becker Evangelical Free Church came to know Jesus as adults. If you are new to Jesus, you’ll fit in just fine. When someone says, “I’m a Christian” they usually mean something like, “I go to church” or “I grew up with parents who called… Learn More

New to The Church

Welcome! Thank you for checking out Becker Evangelical Free Church! There are several good churches in the area and each of them has their own unique flavor. If you haven’t noticed by now, you’ll quickly learn a few things about us. We are a young church with lots of kids… Learn More

New to The Area

Welcome to Becker, Minnesota! As you get to know Becker, you will quickly discover that we are a young town filled with lots of young families. School, sports and church often occupy our thoughts and conversations. Some commute to work while others work more locally or manage their own businesses.… Learn More