Our 17th Annual “August B.L.A.S.T.” is “The AMAZING gRACE.”  That’s right…this year’s theme is a combination of the reality show “The Amazing Race” and sessions centered on the amazing grace God extends to us. We’re super excited for the team challenges, good food, and time in the beautiful lake, but we’re prayerfully anticipating deep connections with God and each other through the worship, campfires, sessions, and team talks!

Registrations have closed.

If you can choose “Pay Later” please mail your payment to the church office:
Re:  August BLAST Registration
11373 150th Avenue SE
Becker, MN  55308

If you want to apply FUNDRAISER FUNDS, or if you’re wondering if you have funds in your account, indicate so on the registration form and Amanda will reach out to you with your balance.


BEFC’s Young Adult Ministry

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” Maybe you’ve found that to be true of your walk with Jesus!?!? You’ve taken steps to grow in your faith and with every step realize you have a long way to go. Or…maybe you’ve been riding on the wake of someone else’s faith and haven’t been blazing a trail of your own!?!? When people tout one trail to take but trot on a different one it’s called out as hypocrisy. Or as Craig Groeschel calls it, “Christian Atheism.”

This summer we’re inviting our young adults to muster up the courage to face their Christian Atheism and restore authenticity to their walk with the LORD. Craig Groeschel states, “This book is for anyone courageous enough to admit to their hypocrisy. I hope it pushes you, challenges you, and disturbs you. And if you’re honest before God – as I am trying to be – perhaps together we can shed some of our hypocrisy to live a life that truly brings glory to Christ.”

Who: Young adults ages 18 to 25
When: Wednesday nights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm,  June 16 through August 11
Where: Gudim’s Home
Cost: $10



WHO: Students in grades 6-12 for the 2021-22 school year, plus a crew of young adult leaders

WHY & WHAT: Lifting up Jesus (worship and study from God’s Word) and Lifting Up Each Other (small groups and interaction in activities)

WHEN: Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 pm from June 16 through August 11

WHERE: Church Property (if it’s raining we’ll either have to cancel or have small groups meet at alternative locations – to stay in the know make sure BEFC has your e-mail address and watch for updates on our social media accounts)


ELEVATE @ the High School

We are excited for another year of ELEVATE and participate in God’s work among our community!  In a world that changes so quickly we get to draw near to Jesus who “is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8  NIV).

To help us keep you informed take a moment to register here:  ELEVATE Registration & Waiver

For more information on ELEVATE read on (some of these details are also shared on the form)!

A separate e-mail outlining our plans in light of COVID-19 guidelines will be sent out by September 13.

WHERE:  High School Auditorium
WHEN:  Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 pm (yes…we’re ending earlier than normal)
WHY:  To lift up Jesus and lift up each other
WHO:  Any middle or high school students not already connected to another church’s ministry (so invite someone needing a place to connect)

  • Weekly birthday recognition and prizes
  • Life Stories – better than comics, Saturday morning cartoons, real life TV and VLOGs – it’s our people sharing their ups and downs in light of God’s consistent character
  • Mixers engaging a few in fun challenge or moving the entire group in a friendly competition
  • Worship with our student-led worship teams
  • Teaching rooted in the Bible
  • Small groups by grade and gender (6th grade girls, 6th grade boys, 7th grade…) or go with the friend who invited you
  • Games in the gym or in our Breakout Space
  • Snack before you head home

If you have any questions, feel free to call Pastor Chris at 763.244.4957.

Honored to Serve,
Pastor Chris


Our ministry to students exists to…

Celebrate life in Jesus Christ as we
Link with pre-believing students, and
Introduce them to other Christ-followers who will encourage them to
Mature in their faith as they
Bring their gifts and talents to serve.

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