In The Beginning…

In 1995, five families who moved to Becker from other communities met together and asked God if they should plant a new Evangelical Free Church. Once convinced that God was giving them the green light, they decided to jump through the hurdles, and in September of 1996, Becker Evangelical Free Church was born. They began holding weekly church services at the Becker Elementary School. For the first year this fledgling group was without a pastor but managed to find speakers for 52 Sundays. Exactly one year after holding the first public service, Pastor Dave Van Wingerden, with his wife Cherie, came on board as the full-time Senior Pastor.

Quickly, the church began to expand, and in March of 1998 the membership ratified their constitution and became an official member of the North Central District of the Evangelical Free Church of America. September 2021 will mark the 25th anniversary of the church. In November of 2007, BEFC purchased 21 acres of land, where our offices are currently located. Pastor Dave Van Wingerden “retired” in 2011 and moved to Haiti where he worked for 2 years with Jesus in Haiti Ministries before returning to the states to serve churches through Interim Pastor Ministries.

In 2012 Patrick Drury was called to join our wonderful team and serve as Senior Pastor. In November 2014 we began holding worship services in the High School auditorium. While we paid off the property mortgage in 2019, we prayerfully believe God desires us to keep meeting in the Becker Public Schools until he leads us elsewhere. This gives us an abundant opportunity to remain well connected to our community and the families God has called us to reach for Christ. We are well represented among the teachers, athletic coaches and within the Becker student body; which highlights our strong children’s and youth ministries for our community. Many others bring Christ with them to their neighborhoods and workplaces every day!

We are blessed to see God’s gospel alive and working within our church to strengthen relationships and reconcile more and more people to God and one another through Jesus Christ!