New to Jesus

Many of the people who attend Becker E Free Church came to know Jesus as adults.  If you are new to Jesus, you’ll fit in just fine.

When someone says, “I’m a Christian” they usually mean something like, “I go to church” or “I grew up with parents who called themselves Christians.”  While it’s good to go to church and grow up in a religious home, we mean something different when we call ourselves Christians.

A Christian is a person who is trusting Jesus Christ alone to reconcile them back to God.  Without Jesus, we are all flawed and imperfect.  No matter how “good” we are, we are still stained by our sin.  Compared to God, who is perfect and holy, we are spiritually desperate sinners.  God sent Jesus into the world to live a sinless life and then to die in our place.  Since Jesus was the sinless son of God, he was able to offer himself as a substitute.  In other words, Jesus took the punishment that I deserve for my own sins.  Lots of people try to live the best they can and add some Jesus to their life.  That sounds nice but it doesn’t really wash away their sins.  A true Christian is a person who is trusting Jesus Christ alone to reconcile them back to God.

A Christian is someone who has decided not to live like the people around them, but to live like Jesus.  We do this by learning what Jesus said and obeying it and by learning what Jesus did and imitating it.  We study the whole Bible so that we can really learn who God is and how he designed us to live.  As we do this, God keeps filling us with His Spirit who helps us love and live well.

Come and follow Jesus with us!

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