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Sunday Worship and Fellowship:

9:00am - Disciple U for Children, Youth and Adults (During the school year)

  • Adult Class: The Adult Disciple U is at 9AM in room 229.  
    Beginning April 23, we are going to discover how to dig into the passage that Pastor Patrick will be covering during the service. We will dig deeper to find truths, discover lessons, applications and ways to pray through the Scripture passage. Join us at 9am for the remaining 5 weeks of Adult DU to learn how to study the Bible on your own so you can continue to study it through the summer. There will not be a separate Women’s Disciple U.

  • Women's Adult Class: The Women’s Adult Disciple U class will be joining the Adult Disciple U class as they learn to dig into the passage that will be preached by Pastor Patrick during the service. 

  • Children and Youth: Classes are available for all ages  

10:00am - Worship Service in the small auditorium

Sunday morning service and Disciple U meet at the BECKER HIGH SCHOOL, 12000 Hancock Street, Becker, MN 55308


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